Such A Pretty Face

Stila Cosmestics Liquid Lipstick & Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner

Red lipstick is fun to wear.  It adds a pop of color to your face and makes your teeth look whiter!  It’s flattering on most skin tones, and it is a favorite of mine.


Make sure you line those lips before applying.  Red of all colors will slide all over the face, giving you that “IT” look from the movie with the scary clown in it.  Say no to the horror.


I used Stila Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Besco and Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner in Perfect Red.


First I applied Too Faced Perfect Liner on the outer portion of my lips.  It had a creamy texture and feel on the lips.  You could use this all over the lips and call it a day.  I then applied Stila’s liquid lipstick in Besco.  It was also creamy and smooth, and one pump from the tube covered my lips.  It was opaque in color and did not require a second coat.

The lipstick dried very quickly and left a smooth, clean finish.  It wore well throughout the day, lasting eight hours until I removed it myself.  Which took a few swipes and a little elbow grease of my makeup remover.  I am not complaining, a girl doesn’t want to reapply lipstick all day.  Who has time for that?

Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner is available at Too Faced Cosmetics.

Stila Liquid Lipsticks in Besco is available at Stila Cosmetics.

I give both products two thumbs up.  It is excellent for the upcoming holiday season!



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