My Makeup Vanity

I LOVE MAKEUP.  I always have.  There’s something about a bold lipstick that can make a girl feel powerful.  There are certain times and places to wear said lipstick, I mean I am not going to go to the grocery store donned in a Marylin Monroe come-hither red lipstick, but I love it!

It makes me feel pretty.  As I age, I am much more aware of what I can and cannot wear.  Which is anything I desire!  Why put age restrictions on makeup?  Who made up that rule?  I do run like hell from the blue eyeshadow.  I had enough of that in the eighties.  I can’t even think about what I put on my eyes without the desire to cover my face from sheer embarrassment and utter disbelief almost thirty years later.  Good Gawd.  I needed Jesus back then.

I am not all about the glitter and glow on a day to day basis.   More like I want to look awake and refreshed.  Not like some leftover hooker from a back alley in the morning.  Do you get me?

If I had to choose only one cosmetic to take with me to an island, it would be lipstick.  I have always loved it, and the kind Lord above blessed me with lips.  I get repeatedly asked if I get lip injections?  Um, no.  I would not allow anyone near my lips with a needle in this lifetime.  I’d rather be Lipless Lucy than to even consider that.  Bitch, please.

Anyway, the point of this page is to tell you, from time to time I will do makeup reviews on specific products that are sent to me or ones that I have purchased myself.  It will have its own little section in the blog here: Such A Pretty Face.  Stop by and see if anything makes your lips pucker.

Remember ladies, makeup doesn’t make you pretty, your heart and soul make you beautiful.  It’s what is on the inside that counts.  A woman can wear all the makeup in the world, and still be ugly.